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Looking for a dynamic guest on the subject of self-healing; the key to the most awesome power within your reach; the power of your sub-conscious mind; how to turn a dream into reality; the truth about the law of attraction; The Power of the Imaginal Dynamic? Melissa Zollo is a seasoned talk show radio guest that brings content, humor and insight to your program.

Melissa Zollo shares her secrets on the power of self-mastery and how it will pay fabulous dividends in all aspects of your life.

  • Do you have a desire to unleash Infinite Power to benefit every area of your life?
  • Do you want to discuss how to use the One Life Principle to heal?
  • Do you want to recharge your mental and emotional batteries & put your fears behind you?
  • Do you want to learn ways to cope with seeming unworldly justice?
  • Do you want to successfully build your business or turn failure into success

You may know everything about the outer world but if your inner blueprints are not set for success and fulfillment, youíll remain unfulfilled. Thatís where Melissaís expertise provides value in helping you create new blueprints for success for everything you experience from this point forward.

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Media Inquiries: 212-929-5962
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CD title: Discover the Power of Imagination; How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money; Melissaís Secrets on the Law of Vibration
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