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The Starting Point of All Healing is a Health Consciousness

Have you ever said, “Why did this happen to me?” Perhaps you’re asking yourself that very question even as you read this. It’s a natural reaction but one that may be destructive.

Your health image is the way you see and think about yourself.  When you learn how your images, thoughts and mental blueprints are affecting your body and well-being, you’ll want to learn how to create mental pictures that access the Healer Within and put you on the road to health, happiness and success.

Self-healing only happens when the mental poisons of fear, anger, unresolved conflict, and an unforgiving attitude are dealt with and changed to a positive focus on wellness.

Your body is listening to every word you say, right down to the molecular level. Its reaction is directly affected by your thoughts.

“…Ms Zollo clearly knows and communicates the Laws of Self-Healing. We concur on the patient’s responsibility to take an active role in their own healing process.” 

Bernie Siegal, MD
Author of New York Times Best Selling Book Love, Medicine and Miracles

Learn how your mind works. Activate your imagination,Image First! Master the tremendous power of suggestion with the most powerful tool you already are blessed with…your mind! Good health is influenced through constructive thinking. Self-healing means awakening and uniting yourself to a healing power that responds to your mental images and blueprints.

The Facts:

  1. It is normal to be healthy, vital and strong. There is an Intelligence that takes care of the body!
  2. When you gain an understanding of how to use the Universal Healing Principle and direct it to your goal, you’ve written your own prescription for a healthier, happier, and more balanced you.
  3. Creative Imaging is ESSENTIAL to your well being and a healthier life. Learn how to help yourself and others as Melissa shows you the way to access your own inner powers.
  4. Negative self-talk, blame, and guilt are all destructive to health. Melissa’s research reveals the critical importance of designing a health blueprint and using solution-based thinking.

“There are no incurable illnesses. There are only people with fixed, incurable beliefs and mental blueprints.”  ~ Melissa Zollo

It's amazing how many people have the answer they're looking for right in front of them and fail to recognize it. But you can be one of the smart ones and join other successful people if you:

  • Are ready to overcome limitation through the Imaginal Dynamic
  • Are prepared to take responsibility for your beliefs and actions
  • Are suffering from an illness from which you are seeking relief
  • Have an interest in tapping into the healing power that flows throughout creation
  • Want tools that will assist you in transforming fears into courage and confidence
  • Are ready to connect with your own deeper spiritual self
  • Are interested in learning to use your imagination to create new positive outcomes in your life
“I have been using Melissa’s Discover the Power of Imagination audio program to hold a health image for myself after being challenged my a diagnosis of cancer this year. Two days after attending Melissa’s seminar, I received joyous news! My biopsy report came back and it was negative…the cancer is gone. I know the daily use of Melissa’s audio program was a major factor in my healing. They helped me keep a positive attitude as well as a determination to heal.” 

Patrick Cox
Business Development Consultant
Andover, MA


The Audio Programs:
The prescription for a healthier, happier, and more balanced life begins with IMAGINATION, AWARENESS, CONSCIOUSNESS, and A STRONG DESIRE TO SUCCEED.

Experience healing on all levels as a result of listening to

Melissa’s Secrets on the Law of Vibration


Discover the Power of Imagination &

the Art of Intentional Creation.

This 7 CD audio program is offered by renowned speaker and author Melissa Zollo.

“Every healer knows that an illness can be greatly improved or grow worse by the mental attitude and emotional moods of the patient.” ~ Melissa Zollo,


Take hold and start your journey to wellness today as you learn how to create a health blueprint for happiness and success; as well as how to impress your subconscious mind with the desired outcome.  Listen as Melissa Zollo explains how to access your own inner powers and teaches you to:

  • Heal your emotional scars and renew your body, mind and spirit
  • Clear your mind of fears that stop you from being able to listen to your inner wisdom
  • Understand the power of the mental over the physical
  • Master the art of deep listening (your cells are paying attention!)
  • Concentrate, as it is the winner’s companion

Concentrate on thoughts, words, pictures and images of health, happiness, approval, harmonious relationships, productivity, and solutions to your challenges. This is how your mental blueprints change your life; and it’s all accomplished in the workshop of your own wonderful imagination. You can choose to focus on health even when challenged by appearances. There is no one reality – there is only perception – and you control what you perceive. Change your thinking and your will change your life.

"Melissa Zollo is a passionate and inspired speaker whose mastery of certain Universal Principles, available to all of us, allowed her to overcome her own adversity and serve as a beacon of light for others. Her understanding and sharing of herself is indicative of years of self-reflection. This clearly makes her an invaluable resource and master teacher. Her sharing of these truths is accessible and moving."

Kamau Kokayi
Medical Director, Olive Leaf Wholeness Center
Manhattan, NY


"I first heard Melissa Zollo speak at the Hilton Hotel in New York City in 2005. Since then, I've taken several teleseminars and learned about The Imaginal Dynamic and the Power of Imagination. I was skeptical to say the least. Then it happened -- my family was challenged. At the age of 61, my mother became very ill. She was diagnosed with Parkinsons's, Dimentia, Alzheiner's, and severe depression. In one year she was hospitalized three times, anywhere from 2 weeks to a month at a time. The top hospitals in New York City could not help her. The doctors gave up on my mother and my family. We were told to accept her condition,and place her in a home. We did not know where or who else to turn to. Something within me made me contact Ms. Zollo for a consultation.

Melissa Zollo was the only person who saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

My consultation led to a consult between Melissa and my mother. What's amazing about this is that my mother had lost the desire to speak. However, that did not distract Melissa's focus or belief in the imaging process and so my family agreed. When the consult was over, Melissa simply said, the image is in, now focus on the result and live as if the impossible was made possible in your life. I wanted to know how it would happen but Melissa explained that it wasn't my job to determine the ways and the means. Within 4 months my mother began to improve. Her desire to speak came back. She lost weight. She had a limited memory of being ill. Now exactly one year later, I am thrilled to say that my mother is currently enjoying her grandchildren and traveling the world.

Melissa Zollo taught me how to rise above a medical diagnosis, trust an image, keep going in the face of adversity, and believe in the healer within and most of all myself. To create the life you want, I highly recommend Melissa Zollo and the Present Memory programs. If you follow her instructions you will live your dream.

Marisa Rizzo, Mother/Accountant
Staten Island, NY

Read about others who’ve used Melissa’s program to successfully heal and help themselves by successfully changing their mental blueprint.

The Personal Consults:

Perhaps you’d rather privately consult with Melissa as she helps you tune into the power of your imagination and as a result, tap into your deepest desires, aspirations, and dreams. She’ll show you how to emotionalize new beliefs as you design new mental blueprints for optimum health and healing. Join so many who’ve learned how to imagine a new result and actually feel joyful even when dealing with pain.  Gain an understanding of your unique situation during your one-on-one telephone consultation with Melissa.

Accepting illness will never satisfy your internal longing for love, security, and acceptance. At the root of all disease is a craving for understanding and spiritual wisdom. The Inner You is seeking the ways and means to get free from those oppressing negative messages and feelings of fear, insecurity, worry, and self-hate. It seeks to be truly nourished by the right ideas. It's time to rid your self of error patterns and replace the fear with a new blueprint of hope and healing. Re-educate yourself to new happy, joyful, grateful feelings.

“Vitamins, surgery, drugs, herbs and remedies are designed to help the body heal. But it is up to each one of us to remove the error pattern of disease, which threw the body out of balance, from our mind. There is no condition beyond the power of the Healer Within to heal.” ~ Melissa Zollo


Let Melissa help you to consciously use your imagination and the Healing Law of Imaging so you continue taking consistent steps toward your goal of ultimate health. Your journey to health and wellness can begin today! The power is within you. Tap into it.

You have the power to recondition and reprogram your subconscious mind and cleanse yourself from within. I’ve helped others realize this and now it’s your turn. Today is the time to stop taking your frustration out on yourself. Learn how to use your inner resources, and begin to deal, feel, and heal. You came into this world armed with an infallible power. Are you ready to learn how to creatively use it on your own behalf? We are all seeking to discover how to choose and arrange our thoughts and feelings in such a way as to set a new train of causation into motion and produce harmonious experiences. This creates a new blueprint for our life, eliminating the old structures that didn’t work.

Melissa Zollo’s remarkable programs will give you the key to the most awesome power within your reach!


Order “Secrets on the Law of Vibration ” and “Discover the Power of Imagination & the Art of Intentional Creation ” or schedule a private consultation with Melissa Zollo .

Together, we’ll work to achieve your goals!



Let the Healing Journey Begin!

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