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Imagination is Power!

Life's Universal Laws Continuously Operate

The universe is bountiful and Divine Imagination works with human aspiration. The universe is a creative, constantly expanding place and human beings can create forms out of the formless substance (consciousness) through the design of clear mental blueprints and images. Creative Imagining keeps your mind in order, and attracts to you the fulfillment of your dreams once you train yourself in the practice of designing clear mental blueprints.

"Divine Imagining takes form in all humans although it appears to conceal itself from itself. It alone creates and sustains all world systems. The Great Secret is that Imagining creates reality. This magical principle demands extensive understanding because it is buried under visible forms, developments, and effects of its creations." ~ Melissa Zollo

Timeless principles have governed the universe since the world began. They exist even when we refuse to acknowledge their existence. By choosing a creative rather than a competitive model you will learn to work in harmony with spiritual laws so that you align yourself with the creative potential of the universe. Abundance, happiness, and peace of mind is our birthright. There is no reason for failing in the Art of Manifestation. Any problem lies in our confusion or inability to apply the Universal Laws of Success to our dreams and challenges.

There are many individuals who have learned how to intensify desire and attract to themselves the things they desire. No doubt you’ve heard about the Law of Attraction.

“The Law of Attraction states that you are a living magnet. Your thoughts create a force field of energy that radiates out from you and attracts back into your life people, situations, and conditions that are in harmony with them.” ~ Melissa Zollo

But other Laws and Spiritual Principles operate in conjunction with the Law of Attraction; it is not a law unto itself.

There is one great law; namely “Spirit or Energy Is”

There are subsidiary laws and they all work together under the One Life Principle. They are the Law of Consciousness (Perpetual Transmutation of Energy), the Law of Vibration, the Law of Polarity, the Law of Relativity, the Law of Identical Harvest (Cause and Effect) the Law of Gender, the Healing Law of Imaging, the Law of Rhythm, and yes, the Law of Attraction.

"Consciousness is the one and only source of all manifested things. A blueprint held in imagination, with a great feeling of intensity, manifests in the material world in accord with the immutable laws of life." ~ Melissa Zollo

People are beginning to search for a rock on which to stand concerning the Universe, their dreams and desires and the Spiritual Principles that govern the physical, mental, and spiritual planes of life.

"Let me introduce you to a series of tapes and CD's on the topic of imaging, not visualization, but imaging. The concept of imaging as presented in The Present Memory Power of Imagination audio program takes Creative Visualization to a whole new dimension-- to actually vibrate at the frequency of the image until it manifests! Remember, God created us in his "image", so these imaging principles are at the very core of the creative process. If you want to learn how to image and create the life you dream of, this audio program is for you! All you have to do is work this program to get the results you seek! I encourage you to check out the Present Memory audio program for yourself."

Reverend J. D. Bloom
Ordained Unity Minister
Former Director of Development - Unity School of Christianity
Kansas City, MO

The Living Spirit is Within Humankind

“The power within you (imagination) which enables you to design a mental image is the starting point of everything there is in the physical world.” ~ Melissa Zollo

Do you want to tap into the Treasure House of Infinity and unlock the answers to every problem?

Melissa’s Discover the Power of Imagination helpedpeople the world over and now you too will know the answers that the Laws and Spiritual Principles provide!

  • Why is one person miserable and another happy?
  • Why is one person drowning in bills and poverty and another a financial giant?
  • Why is one person happily married and another frustrated or getting a divorce?
  • Why is one person cast down in spirit, hopeless, servile, spiritless, and made to suffer and another enthusiastic, immensely blessed, spirited and uplifted?
  • Why is one person an abject failure and another a great success?
  • Why is one person never healed of an illness and another is?


Your Self–Image, Mental Blueprint & Feelings are the BIG SECRET!

It's amazing how many people have the answers they're looking for right in front of them and yet fail to recognize them. That’s because most people are closed off to their own potential because they do not know it is their birthright to experience the fullness, joy, and richness of life in every way. They search everywhere for truth, guidance, happiness, health, wealth, success, peace and abundance. Everywhere that is except within themselves.

The world today is in chaos. People feel smothered by so many conflicting beliefs. They have been fed a steady diet of superstitions and theological dogma concerning their relationship to the One Presence, Boundless Wisdom, and Infinite Intelligence. The result is confusion concerning what heals and the right and or the wrong way to think, act, and live in order to be in harmony with the Living Spirit within.

We human beings are so much more than just physical bodies. The subconscious and conscious mind are what truly drive us. The blueprints that our body automatically follows can be positive or negative. Earning money, healing and living a full rich, rewarding life has everything to do with the mental blueprint you’ve established and your self-image, beliefs and feelings.

The Audio Programs:

Experience success as a result of using

Melissa’s Secrets on the Law of Vibration


Discover the Power of Imagination &

the Art of Intentional Creation.

These CD audio programs are offered by renowned speaker and author Melissa Zollo.

These CD programs give you insight into the Laws that govern the Universe and explain how to apply these laws. With this understanding comes deepened awareness. Find answers to questions such as:

  • What are the spiritual laws?
  • How do I tap into the tremendous powers within my own mind?
  • How do I apply the universal laws of life to my finances, health, relationships, dreams, hopes, and challenges?

As a result of systematically and repetitiously using Melissa’s CDs, you will learn how to:

  • Creatively imagine results
  • Adapt to your world
  • Rise above and repel the negative forces of life
  • Rebuild belief where there is none
  • Advance lawfully towards a higher consciousness and an awakened, disciplined imagination

The Personal Consult:

Perhaps you’d rather privately consult with Melissa as she helps you tune into the power of your imagination and as a result, tap into your deepest desires, aspirations, and dreams. She’ll show you how to emotionalize new beliefs as you design new mental blueprints for relationship success.

Join so many who’ve learned how to imagine a new result and actually feel joyful even during dealing with difficult relationships. Gain an understanding of your unique situation during your one-on one telephone consultation with Melissa.


Let Melissa help you take control of how you deal with yourself so you continue taking consistent steps toward the goal of healthier, more fulfilling relationships with others.

Read about others who’ve used Melissa’s program to successfully change their life direction by successfully changing their mental blueprint.

"Melissa comes from faith and love and has been through the process. She is a powerful and beautiful speaker. She comes from clarity, strength, and balance. Anyone on a similar path has got to resonate with her. She speaks the central core of truth principles.  I highly recommend her as a speaker."
Bud Spaulding
Licensed Unity teacher and Interfaith Minister
Norwalk, CT



Every situation and event in your life today is the result of inherited and/or learned beliefs. If your health, your career, and/or your personal relationships seem stuck in negativity, you are operating with limiting beliefs operating in your subconscious mind. If you have a strong desire to grow beyond your past painful memories and want to wipe clean the mental and emotional slum in your mind, you must learn how to create positive beneficial mental images, blueprints, and beliefs while eliminating the destructive ones. When you do, you will be able to enjoy the best life has to offer.

Conscious Imaging relates to the expansion of your awareness. When you know how to create a mental image and blueprint for yourself, you will begin to tap into tremendous powers and start to lead a full and happy life based on your relationship with the Infinite Intelligence within. You will experience more happiness in your personal and professional life. Armed with this understanding, you can avoid or resolve conflicts and create healthy, satisfying relationships.
By consciously imaging and working with new ideas, you can put the past totally behind you. Creating positive mental images will enrich your physical, mental, and emotional health. By changing your mental blueprints and improving your personal and professional life, you will fulfill your true potential.

Dear Friends:
Melissa Zollo, founder of Present Memory has spoken at our church. I found her to be very well grounded in Unity teachings. She is a dynamic and lively speaker. I am happy to recommend her as a guest speaker and workshop presenter.

Rev. Bonny Gilbert Ashe
Pastor- Unity Church, CT

You Can Increase Your Level of Awareness & Learn the Secret to Successful Living!

Tap into infinite power & learn how to use your mind for healing

Any individual with a strong desire can be taught:

  • how to earn millions of dollars
  • how to bring the power of their word into action
  • how to increase confidence
  • how to use the art of suggestion and auto-suggestion
  • how to develop the happiness habit
  • how to become a fear breaker; how to heal emotional scars
  • how to tap into the mind’s treasure house within.

Melissa Zollo’s remarkable programs will give you the key to the most awesome power within your reach!


Order “Secrets on the Law of Vibration” and “Discover the Power of Imagination & the Art of Intentional Creation” or schedule a private consultation with Melissa Zollo.

Together, we’ll work to achieve your goals!

"The Imaginal Dynamic is at the heart of all activity. Everything that we become aware of, or select to notice, or give our focused attention to, marks the ‘growing point’ of forms. Each blueprint has its own intensity and continues the work of creative activity."  ~ Melissa Zollo


Let the Healing Journey Begin!

Activate Your Imagination! Reimage l Refocus l Rebuild l Rethink l Receive!