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Did You Know that Money is the Invisible Made Visible?

Melissa Zollo believes that everyone deserves to be wealthy and can be wealthy. In her classic work, How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money,†she enlightens you on how to Image First and think differently about your financial dreams, goals and approach to wealth. The fulfillment of dreams is not the right of a select few. It is your birthright, too.†In this inspiring audio series, Melissa gives you the tools you need to develop the awareness of wealth so that you achieve your goals.

Once you have this program, you will discover how to make that right a reality and live the life you imagined for yourself and your family.

  • Create a consciousness of wealth
  • Build your foundation for financial success from the inside out
  • Learn the secrets of focusing your thoughts on what you want
  • Replace negative self-talk and change inharmonious mental habits
  • Learn why your feelings are worth a fortune
  • Take charge of your financial beliefs
  • Become master of your life as you work with the most powerful force in the universe!

Melissa packs these programs with tips and tools that listeners can use right away.

Program 1: Lecture

This in-depth program, explains what an image is; the law of consciousness; how to create a wealth blueprint and how to defy doubts. Ms. Zollo gives you an in depth understanding of the creative process and how all things are brought to you by the creative use of the Laws of the Universe and your own wonderful imagination.

Program #2: I Can Heal My Finances and I Will!

START SMART with I Can Heal My Finances and I Will! At the beginning of every day -- IMAGE FIRST. Activate Your Imagination and watch your feelings of safety, security, happiness and gratefulness soar to new heights. Change the lens through which you see yourself. Shift your focus. Create successful money blueprints and emotionalize them. Open your own doors to whatever you may want to be, do, or have. Use I Can Heal My Finances and I Will every day until you understand that the journey of living your life can be a journey of abundance and joy. Timeless wisdom for directing the Power Within and feeling good fast!

Program # 3:† Wealth Seminar recorded live in New York City

  • Increase your income as you learn how to magnetize yourself to wealth
  • Learn how your mind creates everything.
  • Discover that you are the dreamer and dream maker of your life

Program # 4:† Wealth Seminar recorded live New York City

  • Learn the Universal Law of Reversibility
  • Discover why affirmations donít work
  • Get Prosperity Tips

Use these programs to achieve greater wealth with purpose and imagination.

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