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Consultations with Melissa gives you the key to the most awesome power and the support you need to access it to fulfill your dreams!


Talk with Melissa as she explains life-changing concepts on a personal level that excludes competition and encourages cooperation.

Respect l Trust l Commitment are the cornerstones of a successful relationship between mentor and client.

One-on-One Phone Consultations with Melissa Zollo –

Success leaves tracks. Melissa has a proven track record of offering insights and techniques for getting in tune with your deeper self. The result is the creation of a channel of communication between yourself and universal energy, Spirit, the Cosmic Giver. She emphasizes the critical importance of mental focus and attitude: only by aligning yourself with the positive forces of natural law can you gain unlimited access to the Cosmic Healer and Infinite Power and its abundant rewards and fulfilled living.

… “the mirror I face when I have a one on one consultation with Ms. Zollo is without question the moment of truth and clarity. Within minutes of listening to Ms. Zollo, multiple ideas and solutions pop into my head. If you are looking to become more creative and inventive, and make major inroads into previously challenging business areas, take advantage of Melissa Zollo’s unique consultations, CD programs and seminars. Her Discover the Power of Imagination program is an extremely helpful tool to keep you on track.”

George Stills
AXA Financial Fortune 500 Company
New York, New

Consultations are designed to “talk the solution, not the problem”, to rise up into the state of the answer and call upon the Infinite Power within you, which has the ways and the means to lift you up out of depressive feelings, frustration, failure, and worry patterns. One-on-One Phone Consultations with Melissa Zollo

Conflict, discord, and old habits will change once you let go of your resistance, and trust in the process of creative imagine. You will move beyond denial, to learn that guilt and self condemnation choke off the power flowing through your dreams.

When you begin to take responsibility for your life, thoughts, feelings, and actions, those resistance blocks that prevent happiness and success from flowing into your mind and life will be neutralized.

The direct result of learning self-actualization, self-love, self-acceptance, self-growth, self-empowerment, and self-reliance is true alignment with your own spirit.

After just minutes of a phone consultation, Melissa Zollo can identify and predict your professional, personal, health, and financial future. No, not because of the stars or anything outside of yourself! Melissa is simply an expert at quickly identifying a person’s blueprints and images based on her extensive experience and satisfied clients. Reserve your time with Melissa now!

“I did a consultation with Melissa after I was struck with sudden painful and swollen glands. She immediately made me aware of my negative and toxic subconscious blueprint that was operating in the background of my mind. Melissa was very straightforward and focused in asking me whether I wanted the problem and gave me a very clear cut choice between an old blueprint that was obviously causing me problems...or to feel better. In that moment I was able to take a huge step away from that blueprint and when I did the symptoms and swelling immediately stopped. I have never experienced anything like it. I felt blessed to have personally witnessed that choices can manifest in the now."

S.H. Hogan
Realtor, Massachusetts

Melissa has seen miraculous changes occur in women and men form all walks of life once they began to understand the Power of Imagination.

Whatever you need, whatever you want, you can call it forth once you learn how to apply Spiritual Laws. Discuss with Melissa how to design the perfect mental equivalent to your heart’s desire. Start here and now to create with the Infinite Intelligence. Learn how to create a new mental blueprint, choose to love it, and experience dramatic results.

Remember that these sessions are not therapy. They are about the Universal Laws of Life.

"I had 2 consultations with Melissa Zollo. She helped me look inside myself and face the things that were blocking me. I saw my old patterns and the negative way they were affecting my entire life. Melissa guided me to create a new blueprint and image. It is an amazing process that has changed my life and will continue. There is no going back. I am thankful. I use the Discover the Power of Imagination program every. They are great tools for self healing. Recently I had surgery and I used them to image a successful surgery. My doctor told me I came out of all that with peaceful, clear eyes and a smile on my face. To anyone who wants to change their life, I recommend the Present Memory tapes and CD's. And to anyone wants extra one-on-one guidance I recommend a consultation with Melissa. Thank you so much."

Elizabeth Bullis- Wiese
Artist, Fairfield, CT

Give Yourself the Gift of Personal Assistance

We all have inherited or acquired concepts, attitudes, emotional moods, beliefs and images that we carry forward in time. You may know everything about the outer world but if your inner blueprints are not set for success and fulfillment, you’ll remain unfulfilled. That’s where Melissa’s expertise provides value in helping you create new blueprints for success for everything you experience from this point forward.

A healthier, happier, and more balanced life begins with IMAGINATION, AWARENESS, CONSCIOUSNESS & the COURAGE to move towards a balanced life – all things you learn from Melissa

Melissa Zollo's consultation with me got me on the fast track and the Discover the Power of Imagination audio program helped me tremendously before my open heart surgery. I stayed in a better place with myself as a result of speaking with her. The biggest impact from using the program before surgery was that I never got nervous the whole time before my surgery. I went into a quiet space and stayed there. I felt very confident. This was very helpful to me in dealing with my healing process. I can honestly say that I feel no pain and i am doing well.

Joe Seldon
Niantic, CT

Change Your Self-Image; Change your Life!

The “new you” sees with equally new eyes. As you conquer your doubts, you’ll reclaim your joy. As your emotional moods go up, you’ll feel energized and renewed in body, mind and spirit. Feeling better helps you make the impossible possible. As you unlock your mind and take action, you move from the problem state of mind into the solution state of mind. Your wealth, health, happiness, success, and relationships are all in harmony and balance. Your vision is clear for the rest of your life as you continue to apply the principles and universal laws Melissa has taught you.

Melissa has also created her “Discover the Power of Imagination & the Art of Intentional Creation” as well as other Melissa’s Secrets on the Law of Vibration and How to Unleash the Power Within and attract Money to reinforce the daily process as you move beyond any crisis period and or understand the creative process.

Reserve your time with Melissa now! One-on-One Phone Consultations with Melissa Zollo


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PLEASE NOTE: We have a 72 hour cancellation policy on all Consultations with Melissa or you will be charged for the session.

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