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Melissa Zollo

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CD Title: Discover the Power of Imagination and the Art of Intentional Creation, How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money, Secrets on the Law of Vibration [Coming soon to]

Bio: Melissa Zollo is an imagist, inspirational speaker and consultant. She is an expert on the Imaginal Dynamic, the Power of Imagination, and How to Apply All the Universal Laws of Life. Melissa can identify your mental blueprint, and explain how your past memory and images are influencing your financial, personal and professional life now. Melissa takes you beyond the limits of everyday thinking and shows you how to Image First. Melissa has earned the reputation as the "how to lady" and she knows how to help you get the results you want using your imagination, thoughts and feelings! Ms Zollo is the author of the audio programs: Discover the Power of Imagination, Secrets on the Law of Vibration and How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money

Melissa shares secrets on the Power of Imagination and shows you how to IMAGE FIRST in all areas of your life so that you expand your awareness and attract more of what you really dream of and less of what you don't want.

Popular questions to ask:

  1. Why is it vital to know about the Imaginal Dynamic and all the Universal Laws of Success including the law of Attraction?

  2. What is the Healing Law of Imaging?

  3. What is a mental blueprint?

  4. Why is it important to have a dream or an image?

  5. In your opinion, why donít affirmations work for many people?

  6. Will the law of attraction work for us if our current mental images are in opposition to what we say we want?

  7. Can the Imaginal Dynamic and the Law of Attraction be used to help someone avoid or solve serious challenges?

  8. Are we always attracting, whether we are consciously aware of it or not?

  9. What role does desire play in realizing our dream?

  10. What role does doubt vs. confidence play when imaging a new result?

  11. How important are our mental blueprints? Can they be used to attract more money, improve health, and increase oneís awareness?

  12. Does suggestion play a role in the imaging process?

  13. Why do you put more focus on Imagination and creative imaging?

  14. Does the Law of Attraction work alone or are there other laws it works with?

  15. What role does the law of Vibration play in regard to us attracting new results?

  16. Is it important to understand the language of our feelings?

  17. If the Universal Laws of Life are always working, how can we begin to use them intentionally and creatively?

  18. What role does claiming, emotionalizing new ideas and acceptance play in all of this?

  19. Why do most people fail when trying to make a shift towards more positive outcomes?

  20. Is the purpose of imaging and the laws to have more things or is there a greater purpose?

  21. What tools do you offer people that will help them stop attracting negative results into their life?

  22. What makes Melissa Zollo an expert?

  23. My Personal Story

Media Inquiries: 212-929-5962


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