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Read the many Success Stories and Rave Reviews Melissa Zollo has received. All of these people, with Melissa's help, programs, and expertise, have changed the way they see and think about themselves. We hope their success stories will inspire you.

Rave Reviews

"​It was absolute pleasure and privilege to have Melissa Zollo share her unique and powerful insights about the Law of Imaging, and her clairaudient abilities with our Wisdom Wide Open Radio audience. Melissa conveys in simplistic terms her unique steps that take us from breakdowns in our mental blueprints to fabulous breakthroughs to success on many levels of our lives. Truly gifted and inspiring, her passionate delivery and authentic eloquence provides a space for planting new seeds of desires, nurturing their growth and expansion through her powerful CD audio programs and seminars. Combined with her street smarts and intuitive abilities, Melissa provides practical and natural guidance, re-connecting us to our own innate power to live joyful lives. One cannot help but raise their own energy vibration in her presence, and surely, it was one of the most energetic shows we'​ve had to date! Melissa is on purpose because she has lived her own story and continues to passionately walk her talk. We welcome Melissa back at anytime and look forward to more of her "​Present Memory"​ Miracles!"​

Susie Bonham-Craig - Host of Wisdom Wide Open Radio
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