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Read the many Success Stories and Rave Reviews Melissa Zollo has received. All of these people, with Melissa's help, programs, and expertise, have changed the way they see and think about themselves. We hope their success stories will inspire you.

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"​In a world too full of common speakers a voice is heard. In a time of self proclaimed experts and man made Gurus it can be hard to know who to really listen to. I am honored to say that Melissa Zollo'​s voice seems to rise above the others. She speaks clearly, elegantly and so down to earth that you can tell Melissa Zollo isn'​t self seeking. But she is so deeply and compassionately concerned about sharing with others the Real JOY of ---Being FREE--- that the principles become easy to receive. She knows the truth. Melissa Zollo knows that real freedom comes from within.

Deremiah *CPE, Nightingale Conant Speaking STAR &​ Syndicated Columnist.
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