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Read the many Success Stories and Rave Reviews Melissa Zollo has received. All of these people, with Melissa's help, programs, and expertise, have changed the way they see and think about themselves. We hope their success stories will inspire you.

Rave Reviews

"​Having Melissa Zollo on my show was as if I was able to see her clearly in Spirit. Her energy is dynamic. Our time together was breathtaking. Melissa paints such a colorful picture with her words. Her vibration is so high that it lifts you to wherever you want to go. Talking with Melissa is better than flying on the back of Pegasus! I would love to interview her again."​

Carmen J. Day - Wealth4u in Spirit
Voice America Internet Radio
"​Melissa Zollo presents an empowering message about how we can all overcome the obstacles life places before us, and enjoy our rightful happiness. Her "​imaging"​ perspective is inspirati​onal."​

George Ortega
Co-Host of The Happiness Show
"​Melissa Zollo was a great guest and I really enjoyed having her on the show. We think so much alike in that we both want to make a difference in people'​s lives. She is a very warm individual who can spread wisdom through her understanding of Spiritual Law."​

Lionel Ketchian
Co-host of The Happiness Show
Melissa Zollo is a great inspiration to anyone wanting to focus on new success blueprints to attract rewarding results. A powerful speaker, Zollo communicates how unlimited success starts in the imagination. Her Discover the Power of Imagination Audio Program is essential and invaluable. Entrepreneurs around the world will benefit from listening to Zollo in person or on her CD program.

Sal Cumella MD
Executive Producer for Award Winning "​Women for Women"​ Radio Show
"​Melissa Zollo was an impassioned and exciting guest! Overcoming adversity and a challenge in her own life, Ms Zollo clearly speaks from experience. I especially appreciate the information she shared on the spiritual laws of life with our listeners. Melissa offered valuable advice that would inspire anyone to succeed in their own lives. I look forward to having her on my show again!."​

Donna Voll
Spirit Connections
World Talk Radio
"​Melissa Zollo was an excellent guest! Her material was very relevant to the spiritual needs of the audience and in terms of being real to people'​s needs. She was able to galvanize and touch people. Her information was useful and could be applied in a practical way. I would have loved to interview her longer and I would certainly love to have her back."​

Milford Edwards
WDJZ 1530 AM
Bridgeport, CT
"​When Melissa speaks, I listen and learn. Already changing lives in our profession, she is inspirational, educational, and transformational. From a background of less than ordinary, her life story is nothing short of extraordinary. No one exemplifies freedom of choice better than Melissa Zollo."​

Kevin Williams CEO - Radio Host of blogtalkr​
"​In a world too full of common speakers a voice is heard. In a time of self proclaimed experts and man made Gurus it can be hard to know who to really listen to. I am honored to say that Melissa Zollo'​s voice seems to rise above the others. She speaks clearly, elegantly and so down to earth that you can tell Melissa Zollo isn'​t self seeking. But she is so deeply and compassionately concerned about sharing with others the Real JOY of ---Being FREE--- that the principles become easy to receive. She knows the truth. Melissa Zollo knows that real freedom comes from within.

Deremiah *CPE, Nightingale Conant Speaking STAR &​ Syndicated Columnist.
"​Melissa is a true inspiration to anyone who wishes to change their lives in every way possible. She is passionate about and well-versed in the laws of the universe. Melissa opened up my mind to new and exciting possibilities that, until then, I had never even thought of before. She is a blessed ray of light and hope to the world. I am proud to have had her on the show, and I would love to have her back again soon."​

Brian Schrokosch
Radiate Love Radio
"​I truly believe that Melissa Zollo has the insight and knowledge that rivals some of the greatest motivator'​s of our time. Her use of imagery to create and develop the mind is truly a talent that I believe will change the way we think about our thoughts."​

Radio Hosts Brian J. Henderson - CEO/Owner, Mind Altering Strategies, LLC &​ Gregory Turner, CC, President &​ CEO, Abundant Solutions Enterprises, Inc.
"​Melissa Zollo knows about the power of imagination. Her creative wisdom comes from a root of deep, personal experience and she shares that with the world. Now, more than ever, we need people like Melissa to remind us of what is truly possible."​

M. Nora Klaver, author Mayday! Asking for Help in Times of Need, and host of Bare Naked with Nora Klaver, on
"​It was absolute pleasure and privilege to have Melissa Zollo share her unique and powerful insights about the Law of Imaging, and her clairaudient abilities with our Wisdom Wide Open Radio audience. Melissa conveys in simplistic terms her unique steps that take us from breakdowns in our mental blueprints to fabulous breakthroughs to success on many levels of our lives. Truly gifted and inspiring, her passionate delivery and authentic eloquence provides a space for planting new seeds of desires, nurturing their growth and expansion through her powerful CD audio programs and seminars. Combined with her street smarts and intuitive abilities, Melissa provides practical and natural guidance, re-connecting us to our own innate power to live joyful lives. One cannot help but raise their own energy vibration in her presence, and surely, it was one of the most energetic shows we'​ve had to date! Melissa is on purpose because she has lived her own story and continues to passionately walk her talk. We welcome Melissa back at anytime and look forward to more of her "​Present Memory"​ Miracles!"​

Susie Bonham-Craig - Host of Wisdom Wide Open Radio
"​When you think you have heard it all, along comes Melissa Zollo with a unique, refreshing perspective on how to create the life you always imagined. With a dynamic, motivational delivery, she will inspire you to get out of your own way and start imagining with passion, purpose and utter abandon."​

Mary Elizabeth, Founder of the Health &​ Harmony Radio Network
"​I felt Melissa was a great guest. She was comprehensive in what she shared about her work and gave people very useful information on how to change their lives. Melissa has a lot of wisdom. I really enjoyed having her on my show."​

Kathy Davis, Heart of Mind
WBAI 99.5 FM
"​Melissa Zollo'​s interview for my show "​It'​s Our Turn"​ was excellent! Melissa'​s expertise and passion for helping people to create the lives they desire shines brilliantly through this interview. I am thrilled to
bring Melissa'​s work to the women who make up my audience. I know it will help provide them the tools to step fully into their power."​

Kate Sanner, Founder of Vivacity
Radio Show Host - It'​s Our Turn
"​On Beyond Lip Service we focus on taking Action in your life. Melissa Zollo'​s interview was spot-on. Her unique insight into the Universal Laws and specific pointers on how we too can go beyond just giving lip service to what we want to do are transforming! Melissa, thanks for encouraging us to imagine first and the law of life is the law of beliefs.

Sharon Sayler - Author of What Your Body Says
Host of BlogTalkRadio'​s Beyond Lip Service
"​Melissa Zollo was a fabulous guest! She delivers a powerful message which is direct and clear about spiritual principles. She comes from experience having lived through what many people are now learning. It'​s clear in her message that she has walked the path. She is now helping others to increase their awareness and proceed of their path. The Present Memory audio programs are very powerful tools. They can help you make your life work. Melissa Zollo'​s teachings are from a place of the heart."​

Pat Baccili
Host of "​Crust Busting Your Way To An Awesome Life"​
VoiceAmerica Internet Radio
Seatle, WA
"​I found Melissa Zollo of Present Memory very easy to interview. She knew her topic and her answers were very informative. She was concise with her thoughts in a minimum amount of time. She had very important information that she gave to her audience to help them have more success in their lives. Her work applies not only to writers but the general public. I wish I had had more time to interview her and would love to have her back on the show."​

Brian Jud
Host of Book Authority TV Show
Plainville, CT
"​I was delighted to have had the opportunity to interview Melissa Zollo on my weekly internet radio program, Midlife Matters. I believe that her approach to creating and managing effective purposeful change through mental imaging is a vital skill that we all need to learn, particularly at midlife, in order to effect a successful transition from adulthood to maturity. I found Melissa to be extremely knowledgeable and deeply committed to supporting those who are struggling to create the very best future possible for themselves. I would thoroughly enjoy welcoming Melissa back to Midlife Matters as a guest any time."​

- Les Brown - Host of Midlife Matters Radio Show
"​Melissa Zollo and I had a wonderful interview on my Mind Health Matters Radio Show. Ms Zollo clearly knows and communicates the Laws of Self-Healing. We concur on the patient'​s responsibility to take an active role in their own healing process."​

Bernie Siegal, MD
Author of New York Times Best Selling Book Love, Medicine and Miracles
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