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Teleseminar With Melissa Zollo
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Teleseminar With Melissa Zollo

Price per Unit (piece): $59.00

Teleseminars with Inspirational Speaker
Melissa Zollo

Impact. Healing. Vision. Clarity.

Get all this and more when you tap into an insightful teleseminar presented by Melissa Zollo. Hear Melissa deliver inspiration as you learn how to tap into your inner resources. Get motivated and directed by her wisdom. You will discover how to make the impossible possible using the Imaginal Dynamic.

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"I took Melissa Zollo's teleseminar on the Law of Vibration and loved every moment of it. Ms Zollo has a tremendous gift. She is capable of communicating the subtleties of Spiritual Laws and how to practically apply them to all aspects of life. Melissa understands emotions and zero's in on the connection between Love and the "right image" and how this combination generates and attracts the fulfillment of dreams. Melissa Zollo's teleseminars are invaluable"

John Krey
Boston University, B.S. Biology
Bowling Green State University, M.A. Chemistry
Northeastern University, Med

"I recently listened to a teleseminar with Melissa Zollo on "Using the Laws of Consciousness". I love Melissa's work because she is coming from truth, faith, and unconditional love and she doesn't judge. She also applies Unity principles amongst other things. I myself am an example of what she is talking about. I had an aggressive glioblastoma multiforme Stage1V brain tumor which has healed, much to the surprise of the medical community. I did it with unconditional love and faith, along with radiation and a variety of complementary, holistic healing approaches. I constantly hold an image of health for myself and never doubted I would heal. I highly recommend everyone take a teleseminar with Melissa. She speaks from truth."

Rev. Bud Paulding, D.D.
Licensed Unity teacher and Interfaith Minister
South Salem, NY


"The teleseminar is a great way to expand on Melissa Zollo's audio programs. I have been using the How to Unleash the Power Within and Attract Money CD and I've had the best week I've ever had. The program works and reflects the best in a mind/body/spirit approach to wealth."

Dr. Brian Henninger ND
Stratford, CT.

" I enjoyed Melissa's teleseminar. It gave me a much deeper insight on how to achieve my goals in all aspects of my life. Just listening to Melissa... you can feel her dedication to the audio program and people who are now part of the Present Memory family."

Richard E. Warsin
Norwalk, CT

"Melissa Zollo's teleseminar on the "Laws of Consciousness " was very inspirational. I believe she provides a roadmap for success that works. She also applies Unity principles in a practical way. Her talk was concise, informative and very helpful. I recommend all Unity people take her teleseminars."

Jackie Howard
Attorney/ Member of Unity Church
Washington, DC

"Melissa Zollo's dynamic teleseminar on the Your Invisible Power helped me to go deeper into my understanding of Spiritual Principles and refocus my attention to my goals. Since consulting with Melissa and attending her Image First Clinic in 2006 I have turned my life around 180 degrees for the better. And I did it in one year! I no longer feel powerless. I lost 80 lbs in four months after struggling for years with my weight. I feel phenomenal!"

Rachel Perzanowski
Freelance Writer
Bridgeport, CT

If you’d like to talk to Melissa Zollo about appearing as a guest speaker at your seminar, on your radio show, TV program, or webcast, as well as offering her products for promotional purposes, please call her at 212-929-5962 or email her at

Let Melissa help you to consciously use your imagination and the Healing Law of Imaging so you continue taking consistent steps toward your goals.. Your journey to health, happiness, greater wealth, success and wellness can begin today! The power is within you. Tap into it.

You have the power to recondition and reprogram your subconscious mind and cleanse yourself from within. I’ve helped others realize this and now it’s your turn. Today is the time to stop taking your frustration out on yourself. Learn how to use your inner resources, and begin to deal, feel, and heal. You came into this world armed with an infallible power. Are you ready to learn how to creatively use it on your own behalf? We are all seeking to discover how to choose and arrange our thoughts and feelings in such a way as to set a new train of causation into motion and produce harmonious experiences. This creates a new blueprint for our life, eliminating the old structures that didn’t work.

Melissa Zollo’s remarkable programs will give you the key to the most awesome power within your reach!

Order “Secrets on the Law of Vibration” and “Discover the Power of Imagination & the Art of Intentional Creation” or schedule a private consultation with Melissa Zollo.

Together, we’ll work to achieve your goals!

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Let the Healing Journey Begin!

Activate Your Imagination! Reimage l Refocus l Rebuild l Rethink l Receive!