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Melissa Zollo Successfully Demonstrates the Power of Imagination, Abundance and Attraction!

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Melissa Zollo, is an acclaimed imagist, inspirational speaker, best selling author, and consultant held in high regard by some of the most powerful and successful individuals in the world. For over thirty years she has helped countless people activate their imagination and attract money, improve health, lose weight, pursue personal success and other dreams with wild success!

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How Can Melissa Help You?


Set a health blueprint & live the life you dream of.

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Attract Perfect Relationships

Experience self-acceptance & successful, happy relationships
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Attract Money Now

Image First & Increase your income. Become a money magnet!

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Lose Weight

Imaginate! Balance Your Emotions & conquer your food challenges.
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Break the Success Barrier - Define Your Dreams!

Do you rank happiness, health, peace of mind, love & the fulfillment of dreams at the very top of your deepest desires? Have you moved through relationships and careers seeking satisfaction, but to no lasting avail? Old hurts seeking to be healed are at the heart of all painful memories, addictions, and self-destructive behavior. They linger in the subconscious mind as a mental blueprint, image or past memory.

What is your blueprint? Is it set for the highest levels of success, happiness, wealth and creative fulfillment, as evidenced in your life?

What is the greatest goal you can imagine yourself achieving?

Melissa Zollo provides the tools for those who want to make a change:


These CD programs show you how to activate your Imagination and apply the Imaginal Dynamic & the Laws of Attraction at your pace at home, or when traveling.

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Melissa Zollo can identify mental blueprints and explain how past memories, painful beliefs and images influence financial, personal, and professional life. No matter what your primary concern, dream or desire is, Melissa shows you how to turn it into reality.


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  • Are you attracting the amount of money you dream of attracting?

  • Do you have enough money to comfortably pay all your bills?

If you're not attracting the amount of money you need, it's because of limiting beliefs concerning money and security. You may have the wrong mental blueprint in place and it is repelling money. If you are ready to commit to taking inspired action that requires commitment on your part read on. In a few weeks Imaginate! Awaken Financial Success Step 1 will arrive. It will walk you through a step-by-step, simple-to-follow process for attracting money. It will give you the kind of one-on-one personal support you need.


Renowned leaders in education, business and the personal development field rave about Melissa Zollo’s wonderful work. Melissa is frequently a featured guest on many nationally broadcast shows.


"Melissa Zollo and I had a wonderful interview on my Mind Health Matters Radio Show. Ms Zollo clearly knows and communicates the Laws of Self-Healing. We concur on the patient’s responsibility to take an active role in their own healing process."

Bernie Siegel, MD - Author of the New York Times Best Selling Book, ‘Love, Medicine & Miracles’




“Melissa, you do good work. Thank you for adding your energy to the show.”

Dr. Joe Vitale, Mr. Fire, The Buddha of the Internet, The Secret, Wealth4UinSpirit Radio Show




“…A departure from the usual flood of self-help motivational leaders, one comes away from Zollo’s presentation uplifted by a sense of self-discovery and a clear vision and appreciation for what is possible.”

Professor Deborah Nightingale, Dept of Aeronautics and Engineering Systems Division Director, Lean Aerospace Initiative, MIT Boston, MA




“Melissa Zollo’s Power of Imagination audio program is a vitally important body of work. It provides the key to success: the tools to apply the Laws of Attraction and the Healing Law of Imaging to all aspects of your life. Finally! Help is here to create the life you say you really want!”

David Riklan, Founder of - Author – Self Improvement: The Top 101 Experts That Help Us Improve Our Lives



Receive Melissa Zollo’s The Imaginal Dynamic Newsletter and begin to consciously activate your imagination. Melissa presents great ideas with a rare combination of street smarts and heart so that you can immediately apply them and get better results in your life.

If you act now, you will begin to experience personal and professional success as uplifting people, situations and answers are drawn to you.

Together, we will work to achieve your goals!

Never close a door on a dream - your dreams are calling you!

Melissa Zollo



"Consciousness in action is Imagination in action. What we attract into our lives is a direct reflection of what we radiate out into life with our thoughts and feelings." ~Melissa Zollo




Let the Healing Journey Begin!

Activate Your Imagination! Reimage l Refocus l Rebuild l Rethink l Receive!